J&P Cleaning Services

Make Things Look Clean As New


The appearance of your environment is very important at all times, and J&P Cleaning  Services can provide complete floor care that can guarantee great professional care of your building's floors.

We only use the best equipment at our accounts. You’ll never see a run down, out of date piece of equipment when J&P Cleaning is on the job. We provide a tailored floor service schedule for each account that can include carpet cleaning and floor stripping and waxing.


Carpet Cleaning

Our floor crew will rid your carpet of unseen dust, smoke and other contaminants as well as obvious dirt and grime. Ongoing care programs extend the life of your floors and make them look great! We offer the following carpet care solutions:


  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services  (IICRC CERTIFIED)
  • Hot Water Extraction
  • Shampoo Deodorizing
  • Reconditioning & Spot Cleaning
  • ScotchGuard
  • Spot Removal
  • Stain Removal
  • Encapsulation Cleaning
  • Bonnet Cleaning
  • Deodorizing
  • Sanitizing
    Be sure to check out the Encapsulation carpet cleaning video in the video section.


    Floor Strip and Wax

    An ongoing floor maintenance program will extend the life of your floors and make them look great. Our highly trained floor crew will rejuvenate your floor! We will not only protect and prolong the life of your floor, but will bring back it's original shine! We offer the following hard floor solutions:

    • Floor Scrubbing
    • Wax Stripping
    • Refinishing
    • High speed burnishing
    • Machine Scrub and Re-coat
    • Spray Buff
    • Sealing & Polishing
    • Concrete Scrubbing
    • Floor Maintenance Programs
    We do all types of floors including: Marble, Terrazzo, Concrete, Vinyl, Rubber, Ceramic, Raised Computer Floors, and ESD



    Over time, dirt, grease and other contaminants become trapped below the surface into the pores of the grout. When this happens, your grout will appear dark, dirty, and may even be discolored. When it gets this bad, a mop with a heavy scrubbing or harsh cleaners just isn't going to help! So what should you do? 

    J&P Cleaning Services uses the newest equipment with up to 250 degrees of heat and 1000 psi to clean, sanitize and protect tiles and grout. We vow that your grout is returned to it original color and your tile to its newly bought lustrous shine before your very eyes. In fact you will be stunned at the difference and the exceptionally clean surfaces you will soon be viewing! We will also guarantee you immediately dried floors for walking on.

    Be sure to check out the tile cleaning video in the video section.

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